Getting suspend working in Ubuntu with VAIO vgn-s3hp

After trawling the forums I found an acpi-support config that worked and allowed me to suspend and hibernate in ubuntu 8.04.

sudo gedit /etc/default/acpi-support

Then edit the acpi-support file so it looks like:

# Comment the next line to disable ACPI suspend to RAM

# Comment the next line to disable suspend to disk

# Change the following to “standby” to use ACPI S1 sleep, rather than S3.
# This will save less power, but may work on more machines

# Add modules to this list to have them removed before suspend and reloaded
# on resume. An example would be MODULES=”em8300 yenta_socket”
# Note that network cards and USB controllers will automatically be unloaded
# unless they’re listed in MODULES_WHITELIST

# Add modules to this list to leave them in the kernel over suspend/resume

# Should we save and restore state using the VESA BIOS Extensions?

# The file that we use to save the vbestate


# Should we attempt to warm-boot the video hardware on resume?

# Save and restore video state?

# Should we switch the screen off with DPMS on suspend?

# Use Radeontool to switch the screen off? Seems to be needed on some machines

# Uncomment the next line to switch away from X and back again after resume.
# This is needed for some hardware, but should be unnecessary on most.

# Set the following to “platform” if you want to use ACPI to shut down
# your machine on hibernation

# Comment this out to disable screen locking on resume

# Uncomment this line to have DMA disabled before suspend and reenabled
# afterwards

# Uncomment this line to attempt to reset the drive on resume. This seems
# to be needed for some Sonys

# Add services to this list to stop them before suspend and restart them in
# the resume process.

# Restart Infra Red services on resume – off by default as it crashes some
# machines

# Switch to laptop-mode on battery power – off by default as it causes odd
# hangs on some machines

# Spindown time on battery


If you have success with this and are active in the community it might be a good idea to update the people on the Ubuntu forums. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that’s had to do this to get standby working! I’ve had problems with Hibernate since posting this, seems it is still a bit flaky, and gives me a psychadelic screen (like its breaking and fading to white) occasionally.

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