Fixing ORA-27102 Out Of Memory Errors in Oracle Install on Solaris 10

Found a page on the java forums which explains how to get around this error:

Unlike earlier releases of Solaris, most of the system parameters needed to run Oracle are already set properly, so the only one you need is the maximum shared memory parameter. In earlier versions this was called SHMMAX and was set by editing the /etc/system file and rebooting. With Solaris 10 you set this by modifying a “Resource Control Value”. You can do this temporarily by using prctl, but that is lost at reboot so you will need to add the command to the oracle user’s .profile. The other option is to create a default project for the oracle user:

projadd -U oracle -K “project.max-shm-memory=(priv,2048MB,deny)”

what this does:
- makes a project named “” with the user oracle as it’s only member.
- because the name was of the form “user.username” it becomes the oracle user’s default project.
- the value of the maximum shared memory is set to 2gb, you might want to use a larger value here if you have more memory and swap.
- no reboot is needed, the user will get the new value at their next login.

The Oracle install on Solaris is a pretty long and complicated series of steps. It really is worth reading all the documentation from Oracle themselves before you even start to install..

2 thoughts on “Fixing ORA-27102 Out Of Memory Errors in Oracle Install on Solaris 10

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  2. Hello James,

    Excellent article.

    In fact I was installing the Oracle 11g on Solaris 10 two times, but apper this error. With this information I’m going to install my Oracle on Solaris.

    Thanks a lot & Regards.
    Ruben H

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