Starting Local Oracle & Enterprise Manager on Solaris

I couldn’t figure out why my Oracle wasn’t auto starting when I rebooted Solaris. I tried the “dbstart” script but kept getting permissions errors no matter who I logged in as (probably my fault for setting ownership wrong somewhere). The solution was a bit basic but will do for now until we get auto starting working;

Log on as “oracle”, the user created during the pre-installation of Oracle 10g if you followed the installation documents. Open a terminal and start SQL*Plus from the Oracle “bin” directory by running:

sqlplus /nolog

If you are like me and hate unnecessary typing you added this bin directory to the “$PATH” environment variable. The “/nolog” means you can enter your connection info after SQL plus starts running, something I found I had to do in order to get it to connect to my local machine but not for remote machines.

Now you have a “SQL>” prompt connect as the “sys” account by typing in:

connect sys/password as sysdba

Now if you connected successfully you get a prompt back that says “Connected to an idle instance.” Next up type:


And that’s it, after a while it should start up your Oracle database and finally say “Database opened.” which means the database is now up and running and can be connected to remotely.

Now the Enterprise Manager Database Control (web interface) might have started up correctly when you started the database but for me it just didn’t. To get the status of the Enterprise Manager you open a terminal and type:

emctl status dbconsole

And more than likely it will tell you it is already running. I found out it wasn’t running by trying to start it, where it told me everything was fine and already started but I couldn’t reach the web page. Solution: turn it off and on again, if only everything worked like that.

emctl stop dbconsole

emctl start dbconsole

This fixed it for me, but now I have to figure out why Oracle is reporting it running at startup without it actually running. If the listener service isn’t running you will need to start this as well:

lsnrctl start


I tend to do everything in just 3 steps now, just to make things faster:

sqlplus sys/password as sysdba


then “exit” to quit out of sqlplus then the following line:

emctl stop dbconsole; emctl start dbconsole; lsnrctl start

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