Disappearing Menus & Menu Items in DotNetNuke

We had to restore a backup of one of our virtual machines (hosted on Microsoft Virtual Server) as the content for one of the DotNetNuke sites had been removed in an editing accident. I copied the backup vhd/vmc files across and restarted the server using the web interface only to find when I checked the website that the DotNetNuke menu, and our Inventua menu were both empty! I logged in and the “host” menu item appeared along with its subtree but still there was nothing else in the menu.

First thought, maybe it’s my browser? I was in Firefox so switched to IE and the same thing, no menu items. I cleared the cache and again, nothing. I even tried another PC, with the same result.

We have had this problem before with DotNetNuke, which is doing its best to convert us to another CMS as a result of slow speed and flaky reliability. Last time we just restored from a backup and the menu reappeared fine, making us believe it was a problem with the database getting corrupted or something (unlikely but a reasonable assumption).

Next I tried clearing the DotNetNuke cache by deleting everything in “[dotnetnuke_install_dir]Portals[portal_number]Cache” and retarting IIS with “iisreset” in a command window on the virtual pc.

Then i deleted browser temp files and refreshed the page, success! So the solution to disappearing menus in DotNetNuke when restoring from a backup is to clear out all the DotNetNuke cache and restart IIS.

also: I highly recommend the Inventua sidemenu module for DotNetNuke. Forget trying to make the default menu skin properly and try this, its been great for us.

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