Remote Desktop Alternatives

Although I use remote desktop almost exclusively at work there are times when I’ve needed to do tech support over the phone to people with a VERY basic understanding of windows. To get to their desktop I created a hotmail account and talked them through the install of msn messenger so I could get them to send a remote assistance request from this hotmail account.

In hindsight this was totally overkill but I couldn’t find any way to EASILY get access to their desktop when the concept of windows and desktops was unfamiliar to them. I found this post on Lifehacker with a collection of programs to handle exactly this scenario for Windows, Mac and Linux.

2 thoughts on “Remote Desktop Alternatives

  1. WebEx is an online meeting application that runs in your browser. There is no software to buy at the store or package to open. It’s a product designed to help individuals meet online, typically for business applications. You can text chat, video conference, audio conference and share your desktop screen with others. That’s it in a nut shell. Sounds simple and it is, it’s also revolutionizing the world of business meetings.

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