Using robocopy in Windows XP

Robocopy can be found as part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit and is really easy to use compared to xcopy. The file copying dialogue is much nicer, even if it is a console application. I used it to mirror across 2 harddrives in a batch script with the following line:

robocopy C:foo d:bar /MIR

5 thoughts on “Using robocopy in Windows XP

  1. Hi James,

    I have been following your work, I today when I decided to seek for you help!
    I am developing a small program in matlab for card recognition and I am having problem finding the card contours and rotating it.
    Can you give me some help.

  2. Instead of Robocopy, use RoboCopyPlus (
    It is a wrapper around your instalaltion of Robocopy, that adds email notification depending on the job result (success, warning, error) and optionally attaches logfiles that it can strip down to showing the warnings and errors only.

    Because it’s only a wrapper, it works with all versions of Robocopy and you can use your existing scripts pretty much; just need to add the swicthes that define the email message to be sent out.

    We use it for our customers and is hugely enhances the ease of managing all those daily jobs out there….

    Cool little tool :)!

  3. Good afternoon James, I hope you’re well. I hope you can help me. I have just purchased a 1tb seagate backup drive for a friend. They have two comps, a PC and a laptop. She wants to be able to back up both and I’m hoping to do so using the drive. I assume I have to partition the new drive and rename one of the c drives and then load robocopy onto the PC and laptop using the specific drive labels, would this be the case?

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