Fixing the DotNetNuke javascipt menu bug in IE8 (dnn.dom.positioning.js)

For some reason my dnnNAV menus which worked on one site weren’t working on another. In IE8 the menus were rolling over fine but could not be clicked on to go to other pages. The javascript error was with the dnn.dom.positioning.js file, which I had not touched on either site.

Turns out the error is due to how the z-index element is used in the javascript. As found from the DotNetNuke forums, where surprisingly someone had an answer:

This error occurs because javascript is trying to retrieve the z-index order of the sub menu, which IE8 returns the default value of auto.

As a workaround edit the menu style sheet as follows.

Change the css file menu.css wich is in the folder “/Portals/_default/skins/MinimalExtropy/css/” :

/*  SUB Menu Normal */
.main_dnnmenu_submenu {
border:1px solid #C0D6E5;

Press CTRL+F5 in the end to force the refresh of the css

One thought on “Fixing the DotNetNuke javascipt menu bug in IE8 (dnn.dom.positioning.js)

  1. Hi James Rossiter. I am very happy to talk with you :D.
    I am working on project supporting people with disability. All things seem to be smooth except strange error. The previous week, I surfed my website on firefox and i saw that website’s menu has problem. I did nothing that can affect this and It happened suddenly. When I surfed website using IE, It is fine. I couldn’t find the way to fix it, please help me. My deadline is comming and it is the only error until now. I am using the lattest version of firefox. Because my websie is used to support people with disability, It is required to run well on both web browser: Firefox and IE. Please, help me to solve my problem.
    Thank and appriciate your help.

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