Connect your free blog to Twitter using your RSS feed and Feedburner

This blog is currently hosted for free on, which means it is always up to date and doesn’t rely on my own hosting, unlike my website at Although there are several advantages to hosting on the main disadvantage is that you can’t load plugins or write your own. One of the plugins I miss most is the WordPress Tweeter plugin, which allows WordPress to integrate nicely with Twitter by posting to Twitter when new posts are written and even when posts are updated.

One workaround for this is to use the built in Publicize feature under Settings – Sharing on your blog. Unfortunately, it’s terrible.. It doesn’t add #hashtags or allow you to customise anything. The alternative is to add your RSS feed to Feedburner.

Once you have signed up to Feedburner and added your RSS feed ( open it on the Feedburner dashboard and click on the “Publicize” tab at the top. Now click on the “Add a Twitter Account” and allow Twitter access. Now whenever you create a new post, your RSS feed will be updated and Feedburner will push a link to your new blog post (based on the title) to Twitter.

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