Reduce the size of the winsxs directory in Windows 7 using DISM

Looking for ways to shrink the massive Windows 7 install? The winsxs folder was 6.7GB on my tiny 60GB SSD, way too big for something that seems to just hold service pack backups. Microsoft are AWFUL at explaining how to deal with this, numerous searches always come up with “Don’t touch it, it’ll break Windows!”. Thanks to some helpful people on Technet the solution is to use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool (DISM). Just type the following in a command prompt:

dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded

Instantly reduced my winsxs folder from 6.7GB to 4.5GB, which is a fair chunk of space on an SSD.

One thought on “Reduce the size of the winsxs directory in Windows 7 using DISM

  1. You know what ?

    After trying this command I found on many forum and getting no significant result. I tried the hard way. I opened the folder, looked what’s inside.
    I saw that most folder had prefix like “amd64″, “msi”, “x64″.
    Having an intel x64 I put all the amd64 one in the garabage. I tried rebooting my pc to be sure that even f it’s still working now, I didn’t break important files.

    And here I am ! :D By the way my directory was large before, when I used the command it reduced not so much to 7GB. After my action, I have 2GB remaining !

    Hope this will help SSD addict who cries for more GB’s !

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