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I finally made the decision to move my blog to my own hosting after a few years of hosting on There are a lot of good reasons to use such as the fantastic “googleability” of – it seems like search engines are excellent at searching through blogs hosted there. The disadvantage is that you are heavily restricted as to what you can do and you have to pay extra for a lot of features that I think should come standard.

First I downloaded wordpress, set up my database and ran the install to set up a installation on my own server. Then I went in to the admin panel in my site and went to “Store” then “Site Redirect”. It cost $13 for a year of redirection and I pointed the existing site at my new site This is a permanent redirect (302) so Google should pick up on this and update the listings for my site.

I then exported my site from by going to “Tools” -> “Export” and imported into my new site at using “Tools” -> “Import” which included all the comments on the blog..

Finally, in order to make sure all my posts were correctly forwarded to the right URL I set the permalinks at to be the same format as those used by blogs at which is “Day and name” and is set in “Settings” -> “Permalinks”.

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