Run .bat batch and .cmd files as scheduled tasks in Windows with a local user (avoid the “Could not start” error)

Running scheduled tasks as a local user means you can lock down user permissions and avoid giving broad admin rights to your local users. I have a scheduled task that needed to be run by a local user by running a .cmd (.bat works as well) batch file every day.

I created the local user with a password and added the scheduled task to run my .cmd file every day at 4am. When adding the scheduled task I put in the correct user details and password and then tried to run it, which failed with a “could not start” error.

The reason for this is that by default, new local users do not have read and execute permissions on “cmd.exe” which is used by Windows task scheduler to start .cmd and .bat files in scheduled tasks. The fix is to navigate to your “system32″ directory (probably “c:\windows\system32″) and right click on the “cmd.exe” application, go to the security tab and add your new local user with “Read & Execute” permissions.

Once the security settings for “cmd.exe” are set to allow your local user to run it, the task scheduler will now allow your .cmd/.bat scheduled task to run with that local user and everything will work fine.

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